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Environmental friendly carbonizing oven in high capacity

Environmental friendly carbonizing oven in high capacity
Product Detailed
Wood charcoal carbonizing oven 1.Refractory brick and cement inside 2.3 ton per stove per day 3.Spontaneous; 4.OEM offered;

Description of charcoal carbonizing oven/stove:

Charcoal carbonization is use of natural style charring principle. It could decompose the raw material into flammable gas, tar and carbon.

It has the feature of unique structure, effective volume, and advanced carbonization. At the same time, it is famous for short circle, high yield good environmental performance and long service life.

Three steps of carbonization:

1.The drying stage

From the ignition to the oven temperature up to 160 ° C, when the water contained in the mechanism stick mainly to rely on external heat and burning heat, evaporation. The mechanism chemical composition of the rods is almost not changed

2. The charring of the initial stage

This stage depends mainly on the stick itself combustion to produce heat, so that the furnace temperature to rise to between 160 ~ 280 °C. At this point, the wood materials, the thermal decomposition reaction, the composition began to change.

3.The comprehensive carbonization stageThe temperature of this stage is 300 ~ 650 °C. At this stage, the dramatically thermal decomposition of wood materials. The thermal decomposition and combustion gases to produce a lot of heat, so that the furnace temperature increased wood material under high temperature carbonization into charcoal

To calcinate high-temperature carbon ,except the above three stages, we need to increase the heating, the furnace temperature continues to rise to about 800 °C ~ 1000 °C

Carbonization is an important part ofmaking machine--made charcoal. The carbonization process is the technology core mechanism for charcoal production . In summary, the whole process of charcoal, all the time to deal with the heat, that is, we want to consume part of the energy in order to improve the economic value and use value of the carbon

Features of wood charcoal carbonizing oven/stove:

1 Easy operate and maintain, higher safety, energy saving                                                     

2 High carbonization rate ,no smoking, little pollution, high efficiency                                              

3 Newly developed carbonization stove, which can dry the materials with the superfluous energy produced in the process of carbonization. 6-8 hours per stove and can work continuously                                                               

4 The tube of fume extraction will recycle the gas flow which come from the inner stove during the carbonizing process for continue warming the stove, and it will save 70% energy consumption and recycle 95% smoking

Technology data of carbonizing oven:


No power




Totally No pollution ( there are two reasons : the frog and the gas flow will be recycle from the smoke recycle device and use for heating the kiln again

2. We install a special device that can use the liquid gas as the energy to heating the carbonization kiln, and it will not produce any smoke.


This type have three inner stove, when one inner stove finished (6- 8hours ) , use the hoist tools lift the inner stove out let it cooled naturally, at the same time, lift the other one in , 3 inner stove can work continuously. 24 hours can carbonizing 3-4 inner stove

Raw material of the

Outer stove and inner stoves

The raw material of outer stove is heat resistant steel plates and heat preservation refractory materials; the inner stove is the heat resistant steel plates and special steel boiler plate. And the steel plates thickness is 6mm 


The three inner stove can be stack in the outer stove together, save a lot of space,

energy  consumption

20-30kg firewood or 15kg liquid gas .This type will save 30% payment

Some questions for carbonizing oven:

ASK: 1. How does carbonization stove make charcoal?                                                                     


The surface of wood (bamboo, wood briquette, nut shell, etc) will ignite spontaneously in the hypoxic condition. And this spontaneous combustion will produce heat. This heat and the external heat source will heat the stove at the same time, when the temperature reach 280 degree, the chemical structure of the wood will be changed by the high-temperature, and after long time heating, changing and decomposing, then we will get the black charcoal, combustible gas, and wood tar. This model furnace will use the fume extraction tube to recycle all the combustible gas and smoking from the entire heat source.                                                                      

 2.Why it is no pollution ?


1. Smoking purification system are used for purify the smoking (can not burning) and filter the wood tar. The smoking through the purification system will become water vapor, and it will not pollute the air.

2. When during the process of carbonizing, there will be some smoke.(can be burning) the smoke can return to the furnace through tube for purifying, after purification , the combustible smoking can be flow into the heating room of the main furnace for heating the stove again, 

Picture about carbonizing oven:

Environmental friendly carbonizing oven in high capacity

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